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Real Estate

Benitez & Company provides services to clients in the Real Estate industry from the most basic to the most complex. Our wealth of knowledge has been spread to corporations and partnerships and to individuals and developers to find the answers they need.

We provide audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services to the commercial and residential real estate industry. Benitez & Company has been recognized for bringing together professionals with a well-versed knowledge of real estate accounting and for providing our clients with customized solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

In addition to the traditional audit, tax, and advisory services for the real estate industry, Benitez & Company has developed innovative and effective tools to assist management in their decision making:

  1. Mergers and acquisition analysis for real estate operating companies
  2. Tax-acquisition analysis of real estate
  3. Tax-disposition analysis of real estate
  4. Benchmarking and analytical review
  5. Analysis of capital leases vs. operating leases
  6. Analysis of direct financing, sales-type, leverage, and operating leases
  7. Low income housing tax credit (IRC Section 42)