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Audit and Attest


Audit services

At Benitez and Company, we are committed to delivering independent, efficient, effective, and comprehensive audits of financial statements.

Our core values enable us to retain our unique characteristic and add value to the services we provide to our clients as we assist you in embracing the ever-changing economy. These values are the essential and enduring beliefs that we have upheld over time and that have allowed us to preserve our role of certified public accountants as the trusted attester of financial and other information.

We stay at the forefront by recruiting and training highly motivated accountants with advanced practical knowledge in our specialty fields.

We invest in training and in technology to provide our professionals with the power to exceed our clients' expectations.

In addition, we constantly strive to enhance our core competencies in order to sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We are dedicated to maintaining these standards to add-value to the services we provide to you. We provide audit services in accordance with the highest professional standards of generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS) to help ensure that our clients' financial statements meet the regulatory and business requirements under which they function and are in compliance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

Attest services

In addition to the traditional financial statement audit, most companies need additional services of independent, objective assurance on financial information, transactions, and/or processes. Independent assurance and verification add credibility to a company's disclosures and reporting, particularly when they are not statutory requirements.

Benitez & Company provides a wide range of attest services that are flexible and designed specifically to address the needs of the client. Depending on the needs of the client, it may be beneficial to have our team of professionals perform procedures that focus on specific areas of interest rather than conduct an audit of financial statements. Our team creates and provides a report of procedures and findings focusing on the areas identified by management and other report users.

We provide several attest services as follows:

  • Reviews of financial statements
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Reporting on financial forecasts and projections
  • Reporting on pro-forma financial information
  • Reporting on an entity's internal controls on financial reporting
  • Compliance attestation